Deep Learning-Based Video Coding (DLVC)

Video coding technology is the fundamental and indispensable part of digital audio/video systems. Several series of video coding standards have been crafted in the past three decades, and several new ones are in the way coming. IEEE 1857 is a working group for standardization of video coding as well as related technologies.
The Future Video Coding Study Group (FVC-SG), affiliated with IEEE 1857, devotes itself to the investigation of video coding techniques that are promising for incoming and future video coding standards. DLVC, short for Deep Learning-Based Video Coding, is one video coding reference software maintained by the FVC-SG.
DLVC features a set of deep learning-based coding techniques as well as new or improved non-learning-based coding techniques. The framework of DLVC is shown as follows. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first open-source video coding software that integrates deep learning-based techniques into the traditional hybrid coding framework. It is quite promising: DLVC version 1.0 achieves more than 40% bits saving than H.265/HEVC at the same quality level! But it is developing and far from being mature. So please join us in improving it.
Enjoy your hacking with DLVC!

    DLVC Reference Software Version 1.1

    DLVC Reference Software Version 1.0

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